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  • 188 Elliott Street, Danvers, Mass.
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  • Aug 27,
  • Ordinary Time

Parish Life

As part of our commitment to hospitality, we serve lunch after the 10:30 AM service on Sunday, supported by a free will offering. This is a great way to welcome visitors and provide sustenance to people who have been unemployed for long periods, live alone, etc. It also encourages parishioners to stay in touch with each other in a way that a stand-up coffee hour does not permit.

We also have greeters at the services, a hearty invitation to attend the lunch by the rector, and a staffed welcome table providing information about parish life.

Every Thanksgiving and Easter, we have a large communal dinner open to all.

Parishioner Tanja Butler designed this icon to depict the founding core value, "Welcome in attitude and action."