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St. Aidan's Institute

Brief introduction

The Anglican Diocese of New England (ADNE) established St. Aidan's Institute so lay people can take courses designed to, "... shape, equip, and support the people of the Church in building Christ’s Kingdom."

St. Aidan’s Institute offers lay certificate programs in:
  • Church Planting
  • Christian Lay Leadership
  • Christian Formation 
  • Anglicanism

St. Aidan's Institute also offers a comprehensive program for ordination to the priesthood. 

Students in the certificate program take six foundation courses include Discipleship, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Church History, Christian Theology, and Evangelism. After completing the foundation courses, students take seven courses specific to each program and three electives. All of the courses for the certificate programs are offered online in a collaborative environment. 

The ordination program includes online classes and onsite seminars, meetings, and retreats.

Why St. Aidan?

The Institute is named for St. Aidan of Lindisfarne because of his method of bringing Christ’s love to others. He brought the Gospel to northern England in AD 635 from the island of Iona in Scotland. Trained in the traditions of Celtic Christianity on Iona, Aidan established a missionary base on the North Sea island of Lindisfarne. From there he and his companions traveled widely.

The historian, the Venerable Bede said of St. Aidan, "Whether in town or country, he always traveled on foot unless compelled by necessity to ride.  Whenever he met anyone, whether rich or poor, he stopped and spoke to them.  If they were heathen, he urged them to be baptized.  If they were Christians, he strengthened their faith, and inspired them by word and deed to live a good life and be generous to others."

For more information

This is just a brief introduction. Please visit St. Aidan's Institute's website for more information.